NET Teams - 2020-2021

Bishop DeGrood has invited a team of 8 NET missionaries to serve around the Diocese of Sioux Falls throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. Below you will find information on what NET is and how you can invite the missionaries to your parish!

Meet Our Team!!

This NET Team has arrived to the Diocese and they can't wait to meet you in your parishes! Please keep them in your prayers this year as they offer themselves in service to us, helping to bring to life Bishop's vision of Lifelong Catholic Missionary Discipleship Through God's Love for our Diocese.

Top row from left to right: Bella Holsten, Robbie Voorheis, Mark Bertrand, Nicole Wolfe

Bottom row: Joe DiFuccia, Maria Huerta Benitez, Eddie Vinciguerra, Tessa Cernousek

Promotional Material

Encounter Events Flyer.pdf
NET Small Group Initiative Flyer.pdf
NET Ministries Coming to Parish Flyer.pdf

Overview of Schedule

Work in the Regions

Regions 1-3 (2 weeks at a time)

Team is focused primarily on outreach (getting to know individuals) and invitation to an "Encounter" event towards the end of their stay.

Regions 4-6 (6 weeks at a time)

Team is leading a six week Small Group Initiative aimed at getting to know individuals and inviting them into a 7-8 week long small group. The six weeks includes an "Encounter" event, training for adult leaders, and more.

Region 7 (5 weeks)

Team will be focused primarily on outreach in the NE region of the Diocese. Is also available to more extended travel, as their schedule allows, throughout the rest of the diocese.

News and Announcements

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is handling the scheduling of the team and how do we work out the details regarding the teams visit to our parish?

We've contracted with NET to have the team stay with us for the whole of the academic year and they have given us the freedom (and task) of managing the schedule of the team so that we can most effectively utilize them while they are here. Parishes will work initially with the Office of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization to schedule the date, time, and to lay out the vision for the team while they are there. One of the missionaries will be in contact with the parish to work out the finer details.

What are the teams capable of doing within parishes?

Here is an idea of the different types of events the NET team can put on in your parish:

  • Visiting and Being Present at Parish/Community Events

  • Youth or family night ( > 2 hours)

  • Youth retreats (< 2 hours)

  • Evening of Worship and Praise for the entire parish

  • Men's / Women's Events (youth, young adult, etc.)

  • Seasonal Event / Parish Mission (Advent, Lent, etc.)

If we host the team at our parish, for an event, do we need to find housing for them?

Usually the team will travel back to their region home parish to sleep, but in some cases (if it gets too late or it is a long drive for the team) you will be required to find housing for them for the night.

When should I schedule the NET team to come to my parish?

The missionaries will spend an allotted amount of time in different regions of the Diocese. As much as possible, we'd like them to reach out to parishes near the "hub" parish they are being hosted at so that the youth and adults can be invited to the work that's being done in that region during that time. You can refer to the calendar above for detailed information on their schedule and when they will be in your region.

The most available days for the team will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Remember that you don't have to just invite the team to put on different events, give talks, etc. They would love to come and join the students from your parish at a football game, parish event, etc. Please don't hesitate to invite the team into the "life" of your parish and community.

Will NET contact me before the retreat?

One of the NET team leaders should contact you a few weeks before the retreat and will also call prior to your retreat. If you haven’t heard from the NET team at least five days before the retreat, please contact the Office of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization.

When will the NET team arrive for the retreat?

Teams will arrive at the retreat site no later than one hour before the start of the retreat. This allows enough time to meet you, get acquainted with the facility, set up for the retreat, and pray before the young people arrive. The team may wish to arrive a few hours before the retreat to allow time for them to have a meeting, drama practice, music practice, etc. If this is the case, the team leaders will make these arrangements with you when they call. The team leaders will not, however, change the meal arrangements made by the Diocesan Contact Person.

Please Note: If the team runs into unexpected difficulties and their scheduled arrival time is in jeopardy, they will call and give you an update on their situation. Together you will decide on the best course of action.

Missionary Meals: How do I know what meals I’m responsible for… and what do I feed the NET team?

You’ll receive a calendar (link above) that lists all of the retreats the NET team will do in your Parish/hub and the meals you’re responsible for. With the exception of limited food allergies, the team will be happy to eat whatever food is made available for them. You may want to let the host homes know that simple breakfast options are appealing to most team members.

What is a Team Day?

Team Day: It’s a day (once a week) with no retreats. Due to the intense lifestyle the NET team members lead, it is necessary to schedule a day off each week to allow them to rest. If you are asked to host a team during their team day, the Diocesan Contact will inform you of the team’s meals and housing needs. Please provide a room for the team to meet in for about three hours that day. The team leaders may ask you for ideas of fun things to do in your area. Please don’t misinterpret this to mean the team is asking you to plan their team day—they’re just looking for ideas.

About NET

Resources for After Retreats

Did your youth experience an awakening or strengthening of their faith as a result of their NET retreat? Here are some opportunities for follow-up:


A NET Retreat may spark faith for a young person, but that spark needs to be sustained. YDisciple provides you with the training and resources to help form small Discipleship groups after your retreat by providing video content, discussion guides, and leader training. YDisciple is streaming free with a subscription to Contact Annie Grandell, YDisciple Coordinator, for more information or ask your local DRE.

Resources for Teens

NET has a teen resources page. With a guide to confession, online 30-Day Walk With Jesus, and information on why Catholics believe what we do, there is plenty of information to keep your teens reading.

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A Day in the Life with a NET team

An Evening with NET Ministries